The Awareness Month Breast Cancer

Breast cancer awareness month
The Awareness Month Breast Cancer - This article as translated from - Thanks to the initiative of the founder of the "Breast Cancer Research Foundation," Evelyn H. Lauder, October is now recognized worldwide as the awareness against breast cancer.

The fight against breast cancer is a cause that is all heart. We are all affected in some way by this disease that affects 1 in 8 women in the economically developed countries. We present here the main organizations and associations having at heart the cause. These organizations provide practical assistance, anticipatory guidance, and assistance for relatives or information for women who are suffering from this disease, or believe to be affected.

Breast Cancer Foundation of Quebec
"Many Quebecers are committed to defeat breast cancer by organizing their own event to benefit the Foundation. Whether large or small, every fundraiser helps the hope of a life without breast cancer. '

Canadian Cancer Society
"Cancer prevention starts with healthy habits. Is it really useful to change yours? Yes. Healthy lifestyle will help you reduce your risk of getting cancer. In fact, about half of all cancer cases can be prevented through healthy lifestyle habits and guidelines to protect the health of Canadians. '

Breast cancer, let's talk!
"The Month Breast Cancer has become a month of gathering, mobilization of all women of the world, to reduce this disease so common. In economically developed countries, 1 in 8 women is affected by the disease. ' - The Awareness Month Breast Cancer

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