Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The most common symptom of breast cancer is the feeling the presence of a lump or an area of thickened on the breast tissue. Lumps the almost 90% are benign or not carcinogenic but all lumps and abnormalities need to be checked for cancer using Fina cytology (FNAC) needle aspiration and other biopsy techniques. Breast cancer still remains one of the cancers the most common possible diagnosed among women and kills thousands worldwide each year.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Recognition of the chest

The most common way that a potential problem is detected is by regular breast self examination. The key is to let women know what 'normal' is - then the changes can be noticed. All women should be the recognition of the chest. This means the knowledge structure, the feeling and the appearance of their breasts.

Warning symptoms

Symptoms warning of breast cancer that can be determined include:
  • Lump inside the chest. This may be a lump that repairs the skin above the wall and chest structures that are based on the. A fixed lump is often a sign of the tumor carcinogenic.
  • Thickened tissue on the skin of the chest.
  • A change in the size or dimension a variable of one or both breasts.
  • Formation of conical depressions on the breast skin especially when increasing or arms move. This is due to the attachment of the tumor to the overlying skin. The conical depressions give crushed chest and look skin change called Orange Skin or appearance of orange peel.
  • Change in the shape and appearance of one or both nipples. Common in cases of a tumor underneath the nipple makes it to be flattened, and alters their appearance. To raise both arms upward position of the nipple can deviate for example.
  • Licensing starting from one or both nipples. Licensing can be without obstruction, yellow, green or even blood tinged.
  • Rash or pain around the nipple.
  • A lump or more in the armpits, under bone neck etc. This is an inflation of the lymph node. Although there are numerous reasons why a lymph node can be swollen, it is best to get controlled to know if there are abnormalities and diseases of the chest.
  • Pain in chest or not related to the periods armpits.
  • Due to the extensive involvement of lymph node in lymph flow of weapon can be broken. This leads to swelling of arms beside the affected breast.
  • The extent of the cancer and advanced cancer symptoms include bone pain, fractures, ulcers of the skin, low weight, fatigue, seizures or easy catches etc.(source: news-medical.netSymptoms of Breast Cancer
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