Breast Cancer Awareness was made on March 5, 2013 by Abid Muhammad Nur (Cemonggaul). This site is created in order to provide information to the public about breast cancer awareness. All material presented herein is the result of information from various sources were deemed competent. But one thing is for sure, this site has no connection whatsoever with the source site. But we still will always give credit link that will lead us directly to the source.

For more details about the admin is as follows;
Name: Abid Muhammad Nur
Birth: Blitar, August 6, 1982
Address: RT.05/02 Bakulan Bendosewu Talun Blitar
email: bintangbulanbumi@gmail.com
Facebook: cemonggaul
Twitter: cemonggaul
Ym: cemonggaul
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